Let me Introduce

I am Sree Vidhya, currently a second-year undergraduate in Computer Science from India. I am selected in Moja Global as an Outreachy intern this may’2021.
I am an optimistic individual, love to explore and learn new things. Open source always gives us an opportunity to push ourselves to explore beyond the limits. I spend my leisure time spending time on Netflix and watching various shows

Core Values

Here are the three Core values, I beleive
When everything around us is changing, when the world is difficult to understand ,our core values will always be there for us. I believe in patience ,yes I agree Patience is bitter but I also agree its fruit is sweet.
Positive Attitude
Our attitude matters in every part of the life. We need to have a positive attitude in dealing with new challenges. Also, One need to have positive attitude while waiting.
Perseverance, major character trait for one to be successful in life here I like to add my favorite quote "The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying".
Situations in our lives keep on changing constantly and quite unexpectedly too. The ability to accept what you control and what you can't control is required in life.

What is Outreachy ?

Outreachy (previously the Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women) is a program that organises three-month paid internships with free and open-source software projects for people
Outreachy is one of the great open source program that happens twice every year
Interns are paid a stipend of $5,500 and have a $500 travel stipend available to them. Outreachy internship projects may include programming, user experience, documentation, illustration, and graphic design, or data science.
Follow this link for official page of Outreachy

My Journey towards Outreachy

The first time, I came across Outreachy is during my first year while I was going through various open-source programs that would happen every year. I found this program interesting encouraging all kinds of people around the world and involving them in various open-source projects. I have been following the Outreachy program since then. I have seen many posts blogs from people all around the world and I contacted them through various platforms to know their views, experiences on this Internship. That’s where I realized the importance of the Outreachy program.

Initial Application

When the initial application for the Outreachy  May’2021 was announced I was very nervous with a lot of questions raised in my mind about whether I can be part of such a big program? Am I skilled enough to take part in any organization? Many such doubts. But by making myself calm and settled, I started looking at reasons to participate in the program rather than the thoughts or the questions that are pulling me back. I then filled my initial application and waiting for its approval.
The day when I got a mail telling me that my initial application was accepted, that’s where I got confidence and wanted to crack the program no matter what.

Choosing an Organization

The interesting part of the program is the contribution period. Initially, I was very confused to choose an organization. I contacted past interns and taken their suggestions about the things we need to during the contribution period. These helped me a lot. I choose Moja Global as my organization, the project is to perform profiling and benchmarking on the FLINT module. I was completely new to the organization, but I was determined to give my 100% effort regardless of the result. I was active throughout the contribution period and made some contributions. Finally, the much-awaited day came with positive news that I am part of Outreachy’2021. I am happy that I am one of the 71 interns in the world. I am excited to be part of Moja Global and looking forward to a great summer.

Moja Global

Moja Global is a collaborative project under the Linux Foundation that supports ambitious climate action by bringing together a community of experts to develop open-source software – including the groundbreaking FLINT software – which allows users to accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from forestry, agriculture and other land uses.
I found Moja Global very interesting to work with. It has an great community where people are always encouraging and supportive. The mentors present are very awesome, it feels like you were part of the organization once you get started.
As a part of outreachy, I will be working on Profiling and Benchmarking the FLINT and FLINT Modules. FLINT stands for Full Land Integration Tool, which is the core framework for Moja Global.
Here is the link to the Github repository of Moja Global

Everyone Struggles

Everyone struggles, Yeah this is true. Even I have faced some hurdles during my Outreachy journey. It was never an easy decision for me to take in the Outreachy program since I'm new to open source and there is a lot of things to explore here. But still, I believed in myself and managed to get up to here. Everyone faces struggles in one or the other forms in every aspect of life, But those should not be the reasons for our downfall. Struggles let us learn and move forward. It was an exciting journey till now being a part of Outreachy intern at Moja Global. I have learned various things that I have never known before. I faced an issue that my installed packages were not installed properly. I took the decision to reinstall all the packages from the beginning. But while reinstalling, I have faced some issues with the steps. This actually took 2 days for me to install all the required things successfully and getting back my things to a normal state. Till now, I haven't faced big hurdles, I am enjoying the process of learning and exploring new things.